DILG lauds 75 Cordi LGUs with functional peace and order councils

DILG lauds 75 Cordi LGUs with functional peace and order councils

BAGUIO CITY— The Department of the Interior and Local Government Cordillera has expressed its commendation for the seventy-five (75) local government units that have demonstrated the efficient operation of their peace and order councils (POCs) in the region. 

“These local government units (LGUs) have consistently exhibited exemplary performance in implementing programs and policies that aim to enhance peace and order within their respective jurisdictions. Also, they have shown dedication in safeguarding citizens from the negative influences present in our society,” said Araceli A. San Jose, Regional Director of DILG CAR.

She explained that the establishment of peace and order serves as the fundamental foundation for the development and prosperity of communities. These cornerstones serve as the foundation that empowers our citizens to envision, innovate, and thrive.

Adding, “Amidst various challenges and uncertainties, you have exemplified your role as guardians of these principles, diligently safeguarding our communities from harm and leading us towards a more promising future,” she said.

She also underscored that effective peace and order councils can contribute to a safer and more secure environment, which is vital for the development and progress of any region. The acknowledgment of these LGUs by the Department may serve as an incentive for other local governments to improve their efforts in this regard and to work towards achieving functional peace and order councils in their areas as well.

Functionality Audit

Based on DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2019–143, RD San Jose explained that it is required for POCs at the regional, provincial, city, and municipal levels to oversee the implementation of effective and efficient programs, projects, and activities that aim to address issues related to criminality, insurgency, and illegal drugs. This is done in order to maintain peace and order, as well as ensure public safety.

“The purpose of the POC performance audit is to assess the effectiveness of Regional, Provincial, City, and Municipal POCs. It aims to recognize the advancements made by the POCs and their secretariats, improve POC strategies and interventions, and provide a platform to highlight the exemplary practices of the POCs,” she said.

Adding, “evaluation of LGUs was conducted by assessing their adherence to the prescribed membership composition stated in EO 773, frequency of conducted meetings, the implementation of a three-year term-based plan and budget allocation, submission of accomplishment reports through the Peace and Order and Public Safety Plan Policy Compliance Monitoring System, the introduction of innovative programs on peace and order and public safety, and the higher POCs’ overall supervision of the lower POCs,” she said.

Accordingly,  DILG MC No, 2023 – 066 indicates that to further raise the standards of the POC Audit, the passing rate to be deemed “Functional” has been increased from 65% to 70%. Also, it is essential for the POC to obtain a score of at least 50 percent in each of the five pillars, namely Organization, Meetings, Policies, Plan and Budget, Reports, General Supervision and Innovations. Meeting these criteria makes the POC eligible for recognition and awards, such as the Seal of Good and Local Governance. (PMTG/DILG CAR)


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