BENECO MCO org given special award by PHILRECA

BENECO MCO org given special award by PHILRECA

BENECO Member, Consumer, Owners (MCO) organisation EC-MCO United, Inc. received MCO Prime Mover Award from Philippine Rural Electric Cooperatives Association (PHILRECA).

This is the first time this award is given as recognition to the contribution of MCOs in the protection of the cooperatives “for embodying the true spirit of cooperativism through active partnership and engagement with their Electric Cooperative as an MCO organization.

“With relentless support, determination and perseverance, EC-MCO United did not only become a front-runner in pursuing relevant and pressing concerns in the EC sector but staunch protector of their EC by amplifying the voice of the MCOs to stand with the EC in crucial times.”

The award was handed over by PHILRECA outgoing President Congressman Presley de Jesus, and Executive Director and General Manager Atty. Janeene Depay-Colingan.

EC MCO United is instrumental in helping BENECO spread awareness to members by conducting Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns in communities as well as through the tri-media. They have also actively participated in the protection of the Cooperative against take-over.

The MCOs played a significant role in taking back the headquarters of BENECO after an armed take over by a NEA-appointed General Manager Atty. Marie Rafael they believe was unqualified. Rafael was declared Persona non Grata in Benguet after the failed take-over.

Similar award is also given to National Center of Electric Cooperative Consumers of Region 6. in their active participation against privatization for Electric Cooperatives. 

Another recipient of this award is the Coalition Against Privatization of Electric Cooperates (CAPECs), an MCO organization in Davao in their fight against the take over of NorDECO franchise by Davao Lights. President Bongbong Marcos recently vetoed the franchise of Davao Lights to take over part of the franchise area of NorDECO.

Meanwhile, BENECO too has bagged the most coveted Ace of Tariffs Award as well as 14 other awards. Other awards received by BENECO are Prompt Payor Award, Limelight Award, Strong Commitment to Brotherhood Award, Occupational Safety and Health Excellence Award, Extra Mile Award, MCO Champion Award, Outstanding Performance Award, Champion of the One EC Network Award,  Outstanding Radio Program Award, Unparalleled Service Award, Digital Transformation Award, and Making a Difference Award.


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