Sagada to establish Government Center for LGU and National Agencies

Sagada to establish Government Center for LGU and National Agencies

The local government of Sagada plans to relocate its government services in a newly purchased property located in Sitio Kanipawan, Poblacion and declug the town center.

Sagada Mayor Felicito Dula is also extending an invitation to national agencies to open branch offices to centralize all government services in the area.

He said “the local government is willing to share an area of at least 1,000 square meters from the 30-hectare property to government agencies that want to establish their offices here so that people in the area will have easier access to the services.” 

Dula said the local government obtained a loan from Landbank in 2022 to purchase and improve the property as well as build new Municipal Hall. He said “the loan of 150 million in which 75 million was used for the lot purchase and 75 million is to be used for the construction of an access road and the creation of a new municipal building.” 

“The loan is payable in 15 years,” said Dula. 

The mayor added they are looking for a possible investor for a public-private partnership for the construction of a convention center and a sports complex that will enable the town to host big events.

Likewise, local officials have been visiting offices interested to put up an evacuation center and an indigenous housing project at the said place.

Dula added that “the property was supposed to be bought by a giant developer from Metro Manila but residents opposed it as they fear this will change the economic and social landscape of the municipality.”

“The residents feared that the giant developer could kill the small family-owned businesses,” he said.


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