City okays display of IP Products at Igorot Park

City okays display of IP Products at Igorot Park

02 December 2021 – Mayor Benjamin Magalong has ratified city council resolution no. 563, series of 2021, allowing the display of indigenous or locally made products cum promotion of entrepreneurial skills at the Igorot Park by local entrepreneurs and livelihood associations from December 1 to 24 in line with the Summer Capital’s economic recovery initiatives.

The measure states that the city’s economic recovery initiative encourages active participation from local entrepreneurs and various groups oriented with livelihood projects and programs with the penultimate goal of ‘arising as one’ from the economic debacle due to the pandemic.

One of the present administration’s service-core agenda is  ‘strengthening livelihood and entrepreneurial services’ that intends to actively promote entrepreneurship in the locality by encouraging local product producers to be more innovative and market-oriented while abating unemployment and helping the city’s economy.

It states that Baguio, being a melting pot and creative city also hosts budding and established entrepreneurs with some belonging to various Indigenous Peoples’ aggrupation and non-IPs but have enthusiastically embraced culturally-rooted life practices.

“One of the most adversely affected by the pandemic are those sectors involved in start-up entrepreneurship and livelihood initiatives that resulted to enormous loss of jobs and sources of income of many that also affected the well-being of their whole family,” the resolution states.

It states that the activity, which serves to encourage community participation, is in support of the city’s resiliency program and strategic implementation of its economic rebound measures.

“Social resiliency requires people capacitation by providing them wide-ranging opportunities to regain their collective confidence and allowing them to exercise their entrepreneurial skills while promoting further their level of creativity and fostering unique culture through indigenous, culturally-inspired and locally-made products and artistic brands,” the measure states.-Gaby B. Keith


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