Branding system for Baguio Products eyed

Branding system for Baguio Products eyed

Baguio products that meet high quality standards shall be branded with a “seal of excellence.”

This is the aim of Councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr. with his proposed ordinance seeking to create a branding system for Baguio-made products.

Under the proposed ordinance, it shall be the policy of the City Government of Baguio to create a branding system for the purpose of accrediting Baguio-made products and their producers in order to raise the quality, standards, excellence, and marketability of such products which the city and its people can be proud of.

An accreditation body shall be created to receive, evaluate, and accredit applications for both products and producers.

The accreditation body shall be chaired by the city mayor or his authorized representative and co-chaired by the chairperson the Baguio City Council’s Committee on Market, Trade and Commerce, and Agriculture. The members shall be the city treasurer, president of the Baguio City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Center Director of Small and Medium Enterprise, representatives of the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture, from the food sector, and from the non-food sector.

Such products that meet the criteria and standards set forth by the accreditation body shall bear the “seal of excellence” through a registered logo, design, and slogan, or tagline.

The seal shall be printed or displayed in the packaging of all accredited products and producers and in their advertisements, marketing, and sales activities. 

The logo, design, and slogan, or tagline to be adopted shall best represent Baguio and its high quality products and producers. It shall be duly registered with the Intellectual Property Office to protect its use. Printing establishments, advertising, and sales agencies shall not use it without the permission of the accreditation body.

The accreditation body may charge a reasonable amount of fees for the processing of applications and the use of the seal. 

The proposed ordinance has been approved on first reading by the Baguio City Council and referred to the council’s Committee on Market, Trade and Commerce, and Agriculture for review. -Jordan G. Habbiling


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