Art in the Park opens with large format painting exhibit

Art in the Park opens with large format painting exhibit

The Art in the park, a component of iBagiw 202 opens today, November 19 with mural painting exhibit and on-the-spot painting.

There will be four main activities of the Art in the Park. The Mural Art exhibit will be a showcase of twenty large-format paintings installed around the 200-meter Reflection Pool in front of the Mansion House. The mural paintings were created by teams of different artists.

The artworks painted with Davies Paints are on display along the pool for walkers and joggers to enjoy.

The mural art journey starts at Wright Park, riding horse on Panel 1 by siblings Chad and Howard Domirez. We trot up to the vast Itogon Mountains on panel 3 by father and daughter Ged and Sakur Alangue, then set sight  to the world destinations with icons of different asian culture on panel 3 by Rochelle Bakisan and Hector Kawig. Because we are living in a modern world where life is at a blaze on panel 4 by Jake Busacay and Xantos Oyan.

Next is a moment when we see with magic and luck on panel 5 by Willie Teves and Daniel Inyo, followed by a magical world on panel 6 by mother and daughter Sonia and Celine Oyam, then as we have been to in the world where we can be all seeing on panel 7 by Silvino Dulnuan and Eli Turiaga. 

The path leads to travels in the lowly old jeepneys on panel 8 by Brenda Subido and Goldie. Next we ride to the beautiful sunflowers on panel 9 with husband and wife Hermie and Cara Bruno, and see all the flowers, greeted by the butterflies on panel 10 by Julian Almiro and Edmund Andrada.

On the next panel as a reflection of our heritage panel by Resty and Ivan followed by our culture’s innate beauty on panel 12 by Rey Dayandante Jr. and Femy Lamsis.

We are taking our journey further back to the old Benguet on panel 13 by Joseph Domirez and Kevin Barientos, then seeing through culture on panel 14 by Abigail Matib and Blas Pagadian. It was what our elders have seen on panel 15 by Darwin Chou and Marika Abratique followed by old memories on weathered faces on panel 16 by Jherwin Libatique and Wuds Dampag.

Next comes “our culture is painted in the old trees” on panel 17 by Gilbert Raffer and Nicole Paleg. It is what we are hoping, that we bring new life on panel 18 by Raquel Diokno and Angelica Rosalin. The Baybayin to the world that they might be read by generations to come on panel 19 by Venazir Martinez and Ian Lucero. Looking back through the years, where our life’s journey began on panel 20 by Ronald Bay-an and Buddy Cabrera.

There was also a live sculpture show of Art Tibaldo where he assembled metal sculpture within the three-day event. 

Plein air or on the spot painting was an activity for artists and guests alike where they can get creative at the park and exhibit their works during the event. 

The Latag of arts and crafts is the street sidewalk version of the more high-end Mandeko Artisanal Market. 

The Art Exchange is a barter system where artists may exchange their artworks with other artists or they may opt to exchange for tools, groceries, or other items. The Art Exchange /Barter involves the exchange of works or goods from the artist’s wishlist without using cash. This is an opportunity for anyone interested to own a local artist’s work that at any regular time may be deemed expensive. On this event, the participating artists are giving back to the community for its support to Baguio As a Creative City

The main organizer of the event is the Department of Tourism in partnership with Pasa-Kalye Group of Artists and Baguio Weddings and Events Suppliers Organization.

The activity was also sponsored by Pilando Center, BENECO, Solibao, Pines Progressive Credit Cooperative, Solibao, and Hoka Brew. Media partners are Baguio Chronicles, Highland Tribune, and Damag Baguio.

Carl Taawan/Julius Lomiqued


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