MCO questions approval of BENECO General Assembly of Rafael camp

MCO questions approval of BENECO General Assembly of Rafael camp

June 2, 2022

Hon. Benjamin Magalong


City of Baguio

Dear Mayor,

It is troubling and frustrating to see that until now a fake Beneco is allowed to operate within the city of Baguio. The one headed by a certain Atty. Ana Marie Rafael. This despite its lack of a proper business permit and absence of real services as implied by the name it carries. They are free to go around the city conducting IECs which are used to spread disinformation on the one and only BENECO. They are even allowed to hold office and carry the corporate name of BENECO. I couldn’t help but wonder why this tolerance when the good Mayor himself has publicly supported BENECO and acknowledged that Engr. Melchor S. Licoben as its rightful General Manager.

Indeed, this tolerance has done nothing but helped the other party forward its objective to sow havoc and confusion amongst the populace. It has also put the reputation of the good Mayor into question in the minds of many MCOs as they perceive this attitude as “playing safe.” This sentiment has been raised again when after having approved the application of BENECO to hold its 41st ARGAM (formerly AGMA) on June 18 2022 at the Baguio Athletic Bowl, the office of the Mayor seemingly has later approved an application to hold a similar activity by the fake Beneco at the same venue which will be held on July 2, 2022.

With no disrespect at all, I ask, Isn’t it time to take a stronger stance on this matter? This is not only adding to the woes of the cooperative but also to us MCOs who heavily rely on your influence together with a handful of leaders with good repute.

With utmost concern for the current situation of our BENECO.


Daniel T. Ducayag



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