Team Lakay innovates with new breed of trainers

Team Lakay innovates with new breed of trainers

Determined to carve another world champion with their new breed of fighters, Team Lakay continues to innovate with its recent addition of coaches and trainers aimed to propel them to the top of the world of mixed martial arts again.

While coach Mark Sangiao has been at the forefront of Team Lakay’s rise to MMA even with their meager resources, the addition of specialized trainers aimed at sculpting the next generation of fighters is expected to complement their traditional striking prowess with a robust ground game, expanding their fighters’ arsenal and making them more versatile competitors.

“When Team Lakay started, kami – kami lang, sa striking, sa grappling, lahat ng aspeto ng training. Pero we are thankful na kaya na nating kumuha ng mga trainers para tumulong at mag – improve yung mga fighters,” Sangiao said.      
Aside from Sangiao, Team Lakay’s battery of coaches and trainers include former flyweight world champion Geje Eustaquio (wushu,MMA), Jaybe Ban-eg (head trainier), Julio Agalariw (boxing), Ali Heyderabadi (wrestling), Mark Chamos (kickboxing), Jordan Lobida (MMA), 7) Nahuel Gandolfi (jiujitsu), and Rogelio Capan, who also coaches the San Fernando City, La Union based team. Winston Sibaen, a strength and conditioning coach and Trishan Badua, the team’s nutritionist are also on the side to make sure that every Team Lakay fighter are in tip top shape.  

Sangiao said Team Lakay’s fighters now benefit from the guidance of a nutritionist who tailors meal plans to match individual needs ensuring that fighters make weight efficiently and remain optimally nourished throughout their training camps while aids in improving fighters’ energy levels and recovery, giving them an edge in the cage.
The multi – awarded coach added the strength and conditioning coach has designed comprehensive training programs that not only build raw strength but also enhance agility, speed, and endurance.

Their conditioning also helps prevent injuries and promote peak physical condition which is key to unlocking the full potential of the team’s fighter. Sangiao said every trainer is also assessed based on the fighter’s performance.
“Lagi nating nireremind sa mga trainers, lalo sa striking at grappling na sa training pa lang dapat ramdam na yung lakas, kailangan may diin,” added Sangiao.

Sangiao added the addition of specialized trainers signals their commitment to producing world champions in every aspect of MMA and with a renewed focus on well-rounded skills, the Benguet-based squad is poised to conquer new heights in the MMA world. – Press Release


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