Sagada LGU urges tourists to use official portal to avoid scam

Sagada LGU urges tourists to use official portal to avoid scam

Sagada Mayor Felicito Dula urges visitors to use the official registration portal to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous people and fraudsters.

Mayor Dula said that list of legitimate and accredited inns and homestays is listed at Dula narrated that some tourists were scammed when they booked online only to find out late when they arrived that they have no bookings. “Some time ago, some tourists arrived only to find out that the Inn where they booked in does not exist,” he said.

“To confirm if the numbers are legitimate, they can compare it with the official contact numbers and emails in the portal,” said Dula.

The website is divided into three categories, accommodation, registration, and tour packages.

All tourists must register and pay the environmental fee of 100.00. Your vaccination card is required to register.   Registered tourists will be provided a tourist kit that includes informative documents that may aid them in their stay in Sagada. A tourist ID will also be provided for identification purposes, and it will also serve as their pass when entering tour sites in provided tour packages.

The registration also provides them with travel insurance that is valid during their stay in Sagada.

But before you can register, you must first make a booking for accommodation. Once you are booked, your accommodation will provide you with a code to use in the registration.

Tour guides are required while you’re touring Sagada. Rates vary depending on the destination. Rates can be found in the web portal.

You have to adhere closely to the rules and regulations of the municipality while in Sagada.


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